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Viktorijas pavalsts premjera sveiciens Valsts svētkos Viktorijas latviešiem


Laikraksts Latvietis Nr. 285, 2013. g. 24. nov.
Deniss Naptīns (Denis Napthine) -


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Viktorijas pavalsts premjera sveiciens Valsts svētkos Viktorijas latviešiem.

It is with great pleasure that I send my best wishes to the Latvian community of Victoria as you celebrate the 95th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia.

On the 18th of November 1918, the People's Council of Latvia proclaimed the independence of Latvia. This historic day is an opportunity to reflect on the birth of modern day Latvia, and its many wonderful achievements over the past 95 years.

Victoria's Latvian community continues to make a great contribution socially, culturally and economically to our State whilst helping create a diverse, harmonious and culturally rich Victoria. Through fostering and promoting Latvian culture, language and traditions, the Latvian community has been able to maintain strong links with Latvia, while at the same time enriching the Victorian community.

The Victorian Government is committed to a society in which people of all backgrounds and faiths are supported to maintain, develop and share their cultural identity. We encourage all Victorians to take pride in their cultural heritage, and keep their traditions alive for future generations.

I offer my best wishes to the Latvian community on their National Day, and thank you for the wonderful contribution you have made to Victoria.

The Hon Dr Denis Napthine MP

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